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E1tele.com - Global telecommunications company.

Add funds by Paypal and get a bonus – 10 % of your payment!

You`ll get bonus during 1 day.

Saving – 10 %, it is additional free minutes to your family and friends!

It`s fast, easy and cheep! !

No commision for payment.

You can transfer funds from credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD and other credit cards at the section of the site Balans> Payment> PayPal

Advantages of PayPal using:

  • It`s faster than invoice posting and money order posting.
  • It's confidential! PayPal does not reveal your financial information to salespeople.
  • It`s global! PayPal can be used all around the world.
  • It`s easy! Send your money by a few clicks.
  • It's reliable! We have advanced methods of fraud prevention.
  • It`s profitable. You can send your money free of charge. This system is available for all companies.

For all questions call to our support department: