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Web3Tel network allows you to make cheap long distance call without quality compromise and gives you a freedom to use any type of communication device. By using our innovative technology and a power of the Internet you can save on your phone bills, avoid outrageous roaming charges and still have perfect quality. Wherever you go, whatever your needs you can rely on us.

When you sign up you can:

  • call from almost any available on the market mobile or landline phones. Check our outstanding list of supported models
  • combine features like interactivity, ubiquity, social-orientation from Web world with advanced capabilities of Telecom worlds. By using our advanced SmartPhone Monitor or mash-up for popular social networks like Facebook or Google you will be in touch with your friends wherever you are.
  • Call for free inside our network when you use our certified SIP phones
  • Get yourself personal access number in any country from our extensive regions access list.
  • Use you Skype, gTalk or any supported messengers for call initiation or as your phone terminal.

To start using all you need to do is:
Sign up for our service by clicking  here  and follow  instructions
Buy our voucher  here  and activate it by sending sms with voucher number to our   service numbers.

Still have a few more questions about how our technology works? Click  here  to review the detailed user’s guide or go to our   technology site  for more information.