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How to sign up
You have full account, what’s next?
How to activate your voucher?
How to upgrade your simple account to full account?
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How to use our service when you have only SMS available
How to use our service when you have only land line available
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How to sign up
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To start using our service it’s not necessary even to have an internet access. You can just buy a voucher and   activate your simple account  though specific sms command. Nevertheless to get all benefits of our system we recommend opening a full account through our web portal. With this Full account you get:

  • Free sip account that you can start using right away
  • Multiple personal access numbers in any supported country or region
  • Flexible tariffs and calling plans that give you saving on long distance calls
  • Flexible payment
  • Service that works where you get cell phone coverage, available landline or your favorite messenger
  • Seamless Integration with any models of mobile phones
  • Secure high-quality calls, with no echoes and delays
  • No contracts, no minimums

To sign up you need:

  1. Provide following mandatory information:
    • - your First and Last name
    • - your valid e-mail address
    • - Country and local time (Time For Billing!!!!)
  2. Choose your password
  3. Accept our rules and terms of service
  4. Validate your e-mail address by accepting verification e-mail.

After we validate your e-mail you can   start using our system. If you have already activated your simple account and you want to upgrade it to full account -   you can do it.