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Supported mobile phone platforms
How to use our service when you have only SMS available
How to use our service when you have only land line available
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Supported mobile phone platforms
Terms of Service Flexibility of our call invocation mechanism that includes basically all possible communication transports:
  • SMS
  • Data connectivity through GPRS/3G, WiFi or WiMax
  • Different massaging systems (iCQ, gTalk, Skype or others)
is one of the benefits of our innovative technology. It allows us to support practically any models of mobile phones.

In case of modern smartphones we provide unique seamless solution for following platforms:
  • Windows Mobile based phones
  • Blackberry devices
  • Symbian based devices
  • Android based devices
  • IPhone
Our client technology does not change your user experience. We are integrated (!!!) underneath your phone operation system.
An installation and configuration  of these applications take only few minutes.
Even if you have old legacy phone that has only SMS connectivity  you can use it !!!
Even if you have   only land line   you can use it too!!!