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Why E1Telecom?
  • Call anywhere in the world using SMS commands, desktop application, smart phone software or even our website portal!
  • Use the same tools to establish a call, or a conference between any of your friends, relatives or business partners no matter where they are at the moment. You can do it without being a part of their conversation
  • “Drag and drop” calls in our flash application to put your party on hold, transfer call to another number or switch between phones in the middle of a call
  • Access our system when you are away from home using personal access number (or your SIP number) and make long distance calls home without roaming charges
Save your money
  • Cut your long distance calling and roaming costs
  • Call free on the virtual numbers of other E1Telecom subscribers
  • Call free the users of Skype, Yahoo and other VoIP messengers
Easy to use. To get started you need to have one of the following:
  • cell phone with SMS enabled
  • computer with access to Internet
  • smart phone with a data plan or landline phone
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USA from 1,9¢/min
China from 2,1¢/min
Europe from 1,3¢/min
SIP to Skype free!
SIP to Gtalk free!
From Skype to Gtalk free!

Mobile application WingBee for iPhone, Android and etc


Saving costs with E1:Call-in