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Пресс-служба: offers you a host of features to choose from.
You can use just one or all of them at your convenience. Choose the features that suit your needs!
E1:SMS   E1:Callback   E1:MobileDialer
Make calls and manage your account by sending specific codes (commands) to one of our SMS centers. It’s simple, convenient and perfect for cell phone users on the go.
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  If you don’t have a PC with Internet access, take advantage of our call back service. To use the callback service, dial the callback access number and hang up. The system will return your call in a few seconds and prompt you to dial your destination number. The cost of such call is equal the cost if an incoming call on your phone.
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  Install E1:MobileDialer on your smartphone and make low-cost calls through our network directly from your phone’s contacts list. Compatible with iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian.
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E1:Web   E1:MobileWeb   E1:Monitor
Log into your account on our website at and get connected in a matter of seconds. Dial numbers, manage your contacts, make conference calls, transfer calls and do much more with our user-friendly, easy-to-use online dialer.
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  The mobile version of our website is available at Access it from your smartphone and use our online dialer when you are away from your computer.
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  E1:Monitor is the desktop version of our web-based dialing application. Install it on your PC and make calls and access all other features without the need to log into our website.
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E1:SIP   E1:Нome   E1:Outlook
When you create an account on our website you automatically receive a SIP number. SIP number is your virtual phone number. Calls from one SIP number to another are free of charge. Get your friends and relatives to sign up for our services and call each other for free.
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  You can use our services even if you don’t have a computer or a cell phone. We can install special VoIP equipment (for example, a VoIP phone) in your home and connect you to’s network.
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  Use E1:Outlook if you need to use to call your Outlook (or any other email client) contacts. Once you install this application on your computer you can dial directly from your email program address book.
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