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пополнить с помощью смс Контакты:

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With you can call on any number in the world using short messaging service (SMS).
You can call on mobile and landline numbers, plus you can establish connections with users of VoIP enabled messengers such as Skype and Yahoo. In addition, using text message commands you can establish conference calls, transfer call to another number and use many other calling features and services. For example, you can call a Skype user from your cell phone and then start a conference between yourself, the Skype user and a landline number.
E1:SMS gives you two options:
Option 1: Direct Connection.
Simply text us the number you want to call and you will be connected with your party in seconds. United Kingdom:
+44 762 480 5713
Option 2: Connect Two Other Parties.
Text us both numbers separated by a star:  < destination >*< origination >,
  • where “origination” is the calling number and
  • “destination” is the dialed number.
The parties will be connected in seconds.
Please note: 
  • The mobile phone number from which you will be sending the text message commands must be registered in “My Terminals” section of your E1Telecom account with a “trusted” status.
  • You should send the text message commands to one of our SMS centers, for example, to +44 762 480 5713 in UK.
  • The phone numbers in you text message must include the country and the area codes.
Please refer to the Help section of this website to see the complete guide on using E1:SMS service.
We keep working on adding more features to this service and making it easier to use.