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EUsing E1:Web our clients can make calls and mage their account directly from our website at
Once you created and activated your account on our website, you will be redirected to the “Make a Call” page. Here is what you can do:: 
  • Enter your destination number to make a call from the number registered on your account
  • Add, edit and delete contacts in your address book
  • View your call history
  • Add and delete your destination numbers
  • View your ordered services
  • View your payments and balance
When you are logged into your account you can also launch Monitor, our web-based dialing and call management application. To start the program simply click on the “Monitor” link in the top right corner of the page. Monitor offers you a host of useful features: 
  • Add/delete your origination number(s)
  • Add/delete your destination number(s)
  • Saved last dialed number in your address book
  • Edit your address book contacts
  • просматривать внесенные платежи и оказанные услуги и др.
  • View your call history
  • Double click a contact or click on the “Dial” button beside the contact to dial the number directly from the address book.
  • Make a blind or attended call transfer
  • Switch to another device in the middle of a call
  • Create a conference with any number of participants and much more.
Using E1:Web you receive full access to your account administration and call management options. Besides, we will keep you updated on our new features and solutions.