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E1:MobileWeb wellcome to
If you have a mobile phone with a data plan (like iPhone or Blackberry) you can access your account and order your calls using the mobile version of our website (E1:MobileWeb) available at
When you load this page on your device for the first time, your will be asked to enter your phone number, as well as your account username and password. The website will save your login information and on your next visit from the same device you will be logged into your account automatically (without entering username and password again).
Using E1:MobileWeb you can order a call by entering your destination number, change your current origination number, view call history and more. You can also manage your contacts and click a contact to dial the number directly from the contacts list.
Note: Some mobile browser, for instance Opera, will attempt to dial the number you clicked using their own dialer. In this case the call will be initiated directly from your phone and will be charged by your cellular provider as a regular call from your cell. To avoid this, make sure that call is made through network, in which case your phone should first receive a call from our system and then get connected with your destination number.