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If you don’t wish to log into our website every time you need to make a call, you can install E1:Monitor, our must-have , user friendly dialing and call management application.
Monitor offers you a host of useful features, which enable you to view and manage your calls in real time: 
  • Make calls by entering a destination number
  • Double click a contact or click on the “Dial” button beside the contact to dial the number directly from the contacts list
  • Make a blind or attended call transfer
  • Switch to another device in the middle of a call
  • Create a conference with any number of participants
  • Add/delete your origination or destination number(s)
  • Save last dialed number to your contacts list
  • Manage your contacts
  • View your call history
For more details on how to get the most of your Monitor, please go to Help section of this website, or click here to download E1:Monitor now. 
You can also run Monitor directly from our website when you are logged into your account. You can launch it on the same page or in a new window. Plus, you can add Monitor to your favorite web portals like Google, or social network sites like Facebook or Vkontakte.