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E1:SIP is an innovative phone service based on the VoIP technology, which is easy to set up and requires just a small investment in equipment.
To use E1:SIP you need Internet access with a minimum speed of 64 Kb/s and a VoIP device of your choice. You can use an IP phone, a VoIP adapter connected to a regular phone, or a PC a dialing application installed on your desktop. These devices will turn the analog voice signal into digital data, which will be transmitted over the Internet to our network. You can make calls from these devices anywhere in the world and significantly reduce your long distance calling costs since these calls will not be routed over the traditional public phone network.
When you create an account on our website you automatically receive a personal SIP number. Calls between’s SIP numbers are free (in-network calling). Get your friends and relatives to sign up for our services and call each other free of charge through E1:SIP. When you call from your SIP-number always dial the country and the area code of your destination number first. Please refer to the detailed instructions on the SIP phone setup in the Help section of this website.
SIP Phone Setup settings:
Display Name: Your name
Username: Ваш SIP номер
Authorization user: Your SIP number
Password: your website account password
SIP proxy:
Outbound Proxy:
Register: Always
Connect your business PBX to our network and make low-cost, PINless calls from your office. Interested in this service?  
Contact our customer service today at and find out how to subscribe.